10 Things you probably didn’t know about Nicaragua but should

Feeling like a trip to Central America? Take it from me; you are better of starting at the top. If you cannot start at the top, Nicaragua will do. There is so much to learn and experience in Nicaragua that bypassing it will be a huge mistake. Below are a few things about the country to get you going.

  1. Nicaragua is the largest country in Central American Isthmus. Its total surface area is 130,375 square kilometers.
  2. The country's coordinates are 11 to 14 degrees north of Equator. This places the country within the tropics. It therefore boasts sunshine throughout the year.
  3. Nicaragua's neighbors are Honduras to the north, Costa Rica to the south, Caribbean Sea to the east and Pacific Ocean to the west.
  4. The country's geography is divided into 3 distinct categories namely the Pacific Lowlands, the Central Highlands and the Caribbean Lowlands.
  5. The country host tow of the largest fresh lakes in Central America namely; Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua.
  6. Nicaragua is home to 6 million people, and its capital, Managua, is the third largest city in Central America.
  7. The official language in the country is Spanish. However, some local languages are spoken widely. They include; Miskito, Rama and Sumo.
  8. The demographics spread in the country is as follows; Mestizo (69%), White (17%), Black (9%), Indigenous (5%).
  9. The name Nicaragua was adapted by the Spaniards from the name 'Nicarao'. It was the name of the chief of the most populous tribe during the Pre-Columbian times.
  10. Never leave Nicaragua before you visit the colonial cities of Leon and Granada.

Take interest and venture into this rich biodiversity the politicians call Nicaragua. You will suddenly realize that boundaries are meaningless and that the world has so much to offer.

By Kennedy Runo on 12/21/2014 in Nicaragua

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