10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Tahiti But Should

Planning to go to Tahiti on a holiday or on business? Lucky you. The country is one of the best places to vacation. Before going there, you will probably need to know a few things about the island country. Below is a list that paints a general picture of what to expect of the country.

1.    Tahiti is part of the overseas collectivity of the French Republic. It is therefore a French territory. It also happens to be the largest of the windward group of French Polynesia

2.    The country is divided into islands. The big one is known as Tahiti Nui and the smaller one is known as Tahiti Iti.

3.    Tahiti is famous for its black sand beaches. The black sand is as a result of the volcanic activity that is responsible for the formation of the islands

4.    French is the official language in the country, but the local Tahitian language, Reo Maohi, is widely spoken

5.    Tahiti was until 1880 part of the Tahiti Kingdom. It was annexed by France in the same year.

6.    The island nation was formerly known as Otaheite.

7.    You can access the country through Fa'a'ā International Airport. The country's capital is Fa'a'a, but the cultural capital is Pape'ete.

8.    The average temperature in the country ranges between 21 and 31 degrees centigrade. November to April is the wet season

9.    The islands were the home of Polynesians until Navigator Pedro Fernandes de Queirós, who was serving the Spanish crown found the islands in 1606.

10.  To get around the country, you can use ferry and roads.

Note that Tahiti is a French territory and thus a democracy. It is generally an open society that welcomes guests. Enjoy your trip and stay in this Pacific Ocean island nation.


By Kennedy Runo on 04/28/2015 in Tahiti

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