12 Trailblazing Spots To Go That Are Off The Beaten Path

You do not want to spend your holiday where every one of your friend goes. No. You would want to go somewhere that gives you the bragging rights. You would want to spend your holiday in far-off exotic places. You would want your Instagram wall and Facebook profile showing-off your adventures in off-the-beaten-path destinations. I have a list full of suggestions for you. The destinations are trailblazing. Visit them and yours will be a holiday full of fond memories.

1. Tanintharyi, Myanmar

This is a division of Myanmar, formerly Burma. It has recently been accessible to travelers. It boasts a total of 800 islands whose only interaction with humans in centuries is the fishermen. The expansive coastline will turn your friends green with envy.

2. Komani, Albania

I know for sure you have never been to Eastern Europe. What a waste. You are however not too late. Komani is one of the few places in Europe that have not been touched by modernity. Take a boat trip on Lake Komani, venture into the sleepy mountain villages, and click away at the beautiful sights of the towering mountains.

3. Phayao, Thailand

If there is a place with spectacular sunsets, it is Phayao in Thailand. The idyllic coastline of the semi-natural Lake Phayao is as exotic as any destination can be.

4. Playa Pilar, Cuba

Cuba is a country of coastlines. It is not surprising therefore that until recently, Playa Pilar remained undiscovered by discerning travelers. Today, it is rated as one of the best beaches in the world. You well advised to visit as soon as possible before fun-seekers come calling.

5. Petra, Jordan

The Arabian Desert has many ancient destinations to visit, but perhaps the best of them all are the tombs and ancient mosques of Petra. The fact that they are tucked away in the desert put them among the top off-the-beaten-path destinations in the world.

6. Hangzhou, China

International travellers are yet to discover this dreamlike destination in China. Visit now and get to boast to be among the first travelers to come here. Its beautiful paddy fields and the beautiful West Lake are just what you need for a fantastic vacation.

7. Purmamarca, Argentina

Most travelers going to Argentina head straight to the ice-fields of Patagonia. While Patagonia is beautiful, it is not the only attraction in Argentina. The Seven Colored Mountains of Purmamarca equals Patagonia in beauty and Iguaçu Falls in majesty.

8. Namibia

Safari adventure seekers headed to Africa will most likely target South Africa or Kenya and Tanzania to the East of Africa and Egypt and Morocco in the North. Unknown to these travelers, they will be missing the most spectacular wildlife by bypassing the largely desert country, Namibia. The country borders the Atlantic Ocean and is great for spotting sharks. Its Etosha National Park and Fish River Canyon offers the best Safari experience in Africa.

9. Tristan da Cunha Island, South Atlantic

This is an isolated island in South Atlantic Ocean whose nearest neighbor is South Africa. The fact that you have never heard of the island is enough reason for you to go visiting it.

10. Papua New Guinea

This is the home of the Aborigines. Its stunning landscapes include volcanoes, rainforests and mountains. Take precaution. It is prone to natural disasters.

11. Lake Turkana, Kenya

This is the world's only lake in the desert. It has one inlet (River Omo) and no outlet. Its waters are infested by African Crocodiles, hippos and a host of bird species. If you can withstand the desert heat, then this lake is as off-the-beaten-path as any place can be.

12. Rotarua, New Zealand

Mass tourism is yet to discover Rotarua for now. I would advise that you head there and enjoy outdoor activities such as zorbing, bungee jumping and zip lining before the destination becomes crowded and these activities get out of reach for the budget traveler.

Is the list fascinating? Put it on your bucket list and tick off one destination after the other. Good luck.

By Kennedy Runo on 04/13/2015

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