5 farmers markets you need to check out in Paris

Paris, the capital of France is a highly organized city. It has markets for arts and antiques, books and collectibles, food and so on. You will be especially interested in the farmers markets where the Parisian farmers come to sell their wares. Imagine buying succulent and fresh veggies straight from the farm...you never outgrow this experience. Remember when your ma would make you carry heavy baskets of veggies to the car? How about that experience once more? Below are the most popular farmers markets in the city.

1. Marché International de Rungis

Spreading over 232 hectares, this market was first set up in Paris City Center, in the 10th century. The high demand for farm supplies prompted the move to its current location at 1, Marché International de Rungis, rue de la Tour, BP 316, 94152 Rungis cedex. Farm products on sale here include; meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products, flowers etc.

2. Marche Bastile

This is located at Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 11th. Farm products on sale include; local cheese, chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables, cheap jewelry, African batiks, olives, bags and so on.

3. Marche Mouffetard

Located at Rue Mouffetard, 5e, this market is a great place to sell seafood, pates, fair-trade goods, fresh bread and excellent food at the restaurant, charcuterie, etc. There are numerous student bars and tourist shops within the establishment.

4. Marché des Enfants Rouges

You will find Italian, African, Japanese and Lebanese stalls within this market. Wares on sale include organic homemade foods, fresh produce, fast food etc. The market is located at 39 rue de Bretagne, 3e, Paris.

5. Marché Saxe-Breteuil

This is located at 7th arrondissement, behind the Cham de Mars –park. It is especially renowned for its fresh produce and food stalls. Here, you can find any kind of French delicacy. In fact, if you really want to sample some Parisian tastes, forget the highend restaurants and come here.

Happy shopping!

By Kennedy Runo on 01/30/2015 in Paris

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