Bali's Best Bars and Chill-Out Spots

Bali is a small provincial Island located on westernmost end of Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia. It is nestled between the Island of Java and Lombok and is the smallest province of Indonesia.

Bali is mostly a holiday resort Island and its spas outclass other Thailand destinations. For a budget of US$100, you can enjoy a luxurious massage that employs the ancient Balinese massage techniques such as deep tissue cleansing, skin rolling, palm and thumb pressure and many more.

Most of the spas offered in Bali are divided into two major groups namely Mandi Rempah and Mandi Susu. Mandi Rempah involves a spice bath followed by a luxurious massage while Mandi Susu involves a milk bath followed by a massage. The following are the top spas and relaxation/unwinding spots in Bali.

Mandhara Spa in Kuta

This is part of the larger Hotel Padma Bali and offers luxurious massage services. The massage parlors are decorated with water fountains and stone sculptures.

Jamu Spa in Kuta

Located in the larger Alamkulkul Boutique Resort. Guests get the option of selecting whether to have a garden massage or to have it indoors. It is one of the few places where you can have fruit cocktail treatments that include tropical fruits such as coconut, papayas, nuts etc.

Jari Menari in Seminyak

The name 'jari menari' can be translated as dancing fingers. This is used to depict the kind of massage you will experience at the spa. It boasts an all-male massage team and is rumoured to be the best spa in Bali...and by the number of awards they have been scooping up, this is not debatable.

Zen Spa in Ubud

This spa offers 90-minute body scrubs and spice baths. It has a very good reputation as a place to chill and enjoy the pleasures of life.

Other popular spas in Bali include; Ubud Sari, Lovina, Nusa Lembongan, and Air Panas Banjar. Bali boasts tropical weather and relatively cheap accommodation rates. Whenever you think of relaxing and unwinding,think of Bali.

By Kennedy Runo on 04/10/2015 in Bali

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