Experience a Life of Luxury at Hotel Vestibul Palace

How would you love to stay within a palace's precinct? Actually, delete that. How would you love to stay in a palace? Well, welcome to the Diocletian Palace where you will find the popular Vestibul Hotel. The hotel is nestled betwixt the emperor's chambers and the square peristle that was in the ancient times reserved for the gods. Find the hotel at Iza Vestibula 4a, Split 21000, Croatia.

Accommodations at the hotel are divided into rooms and suites. The minimum amenities that you will find in the hotel include; a queen-size bed, a bathroom with a tub, shower and toilet, air conditioning, wireless internet, LCD TV with cable channels, a writing desk, minibar and direct dial telephone.

At the heart of the hotel's package is the Restaurant Diocles. Here, you get to sample Croatian dishes and wines in supreme comfort. The restaurants cellar will amaze you. Here, you will taste wines older than you. A bottle of wine that is that old would cost you more than your rent back home.

The hotel is surrounded by important monuments. From walking to the original vestibul building to getting guided tours to the ancient city of Salona, your stay at the Hotel Vestibul will give you a new high in your holidaying experience. The tours and excursions using boats and catamarans will leave you thoroughly entertained and exhausted every evening. You will certainly start to wonder how you never noticed this destination before.

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By Kennedy Runo on 09/09/2014 in Split

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