Experience a Life of Luxury at Palazzo Versace

If you truly want to get away...far away from the daily hustle and bustle, then I would recommend you consider Southport Spit, along the Main Beach in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. Once you reach there, look around and behold! The luxurious Palazzo Versace awaits. Therein, lies your best holiday experience ever - and this is not an exaggeration.

For your accommodation, you will have the option of exquisite rooms, spacious suites or the classy condominiums to choose from. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that nothing has been left to chance as far as your maximum comfort is concerned.

Find amenities such as bespoke furniture, marble flooring, refrigerated private bar and state-of-the-art entertainment equipment ready for your use. The rooms open to the sprawling views of the ocean. Oh and don't forget to take in the fresh breeze from the high seas. You have arrived in the fabled paradise by staying in any of the rooms.

You will find your favorite meals and drinks in the resort’s restaurants and bars. For a start, try Le Jardin restaurant for innovative cocktails and super snacks. If you are more into serious food, then find the Il Barocco Restaurant for a mix of classic and contemporary Australian dishes and seafood. At Vie Bar + Restaurant, you will sample progressive cuisine dishes while at Vanitas Restaurant modern Australian cuisine.

Facilities open to guests' use at the hotel include; Water Salon, Fitness and Wellbeing Center, Aurora Spa Retreat, Palazzo Versace Marina, and a couple of boutiques.

For those organizing meetings or events, you will be pleased to know that the resort has enough meetings capacity. Meeting spaces include; La Mendusa Ballroom, Finestra, Boardroom, Fountain Terrace, Vanitas Restaurant and Vie Bar + Restaurant. The spaces can be able to host from 10 to 500 guests. For all sort of events including; banquets, management makeovers, weddings, brainstorming sessions, parties, soirees etc., you will have a sure partner in the resort's event organizing team.

Popular holiday activities at the resort include; fine dining, shopping, snorkeling, sailing, sport fishing, sunbathing, swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, beach volleyball and many more.

There is probably more activity than you can exhaust in one month holiday here. Why don't you make a reservation and find out for yourself?

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By Kennedy Runo on 09/19/2014 in Gold Coast

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