Palladium Weeding SANGEET Package

Kick off your fabulous wedding festivities with family and friends at this chic, stylish Sangeet/ Garba/ Music Night party designed by renowned wedding planner Karen Bussen, filled with the colors, flavors and sounds of India, and a special buffet menu of traditional favorites prepared by our Indian Chef.    (4-hour event)

  • Your choice of locations (Las Brisas Beach, Pool Deck, Blue Lagoon)
  • Sophisticated Indian-themed Décor
  • White Booth Sofa for Bride and Groom and Fabric Backdrop in your chosen color palette
  • “Desi Lounge” Seating area with floor cushions and carpets in your chosen color palette
  • Traditional dinner seating with your choice of fabric Overlays
  • White Garden Chairs and color Chair cap (available colors: pink, mango ,purple, turquoise and white)
  • Professional DJ Equipment to spin all your favorite music (upgrade to our amazing DJ )
  • Your choice of Indian-style Buffet Menu (prepared by our Indian Chef)
  • Open bar
  • Wish Lantern for Bride and Groom
  • Floating Cymbidium Orchid centerpieces in your choice of color (white, pink, green or yellow )

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