Princess MAYAN CEREMONY Wedding Package

This is a spiritual ceremony, in touch with the nature and the four elements: water, earth, wind and fire. The Shaman invokes the presence of the Mayan Gods, to create a perfect environment of harmony and protection. In the place of the ceremony there is an altar with four elements represented for: flowers, fruits, vegetables, seeds, wine and fire. All these, symbolize the abundance, the union and the commitment that is established by the couple and the universe. It is suggested that the couple and the guests dress all white because it represents purity and integration with nature. The ceremony takes place close to the sea.

  • Temazcal (steam bath) for the couple for their purification one day before the ceremony.
  • Mayan Shaman (Mayan Priest).
  • Musicians playing wind instruments.

  • Translator to English if needed (with additional cost).

  • Complete Altar with: flowers, fruits, candles & flowers wreath.

  • Special dinner reservation for the couple and 18 guest in a la carte Restaurant with a set menu (dinner set up in a semi-private area , restaurant is subject to availability).

  • Honeymoon amenities in room the day of the wedding Duration 

  • 40 minutes aprox.

*Couple can arrive 2 business days before the wedding date to discuss the last details with the wedding coordinator. 

* Package from 2 to 20 people staying at the Resort, some restrictions will apply, however you can have the dinner up to 40 guests in one a la carte restaurant, some restrictions will apply. (maximum capacity 40 guests) For groups bigger than 40, we offer the dinner in one of our buffet restaurants non private. 

*Cake and toast or any other services are not included.

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