Find Infinite Beauty at Costiera Amalfitana

‘Costiera Amalfitana’ is Italian for Amalfi Coast. The Mediterranean landscape has been described as an ‘area of infinite beauty’. Amalfi coast demonstrates a peculiar interaction between culture and nature; the resultant of which is a dramatic topography and historical evolution.

Amalfi Coast covers an area of 11,231 hectares scattered around in 15 communes in the province of Salerno. The coast is home to the towns of Amalfi and Ravello that boasts buildings with artistic and architectural designs that have ‘wowed’ every visitor that visits them. The coasts natural boundary is formed by the Lattari Hills that stretches from the Picentini Hills to the Tyrrhebian Sea.

The coast consists of 4 stretches of coastline including;

  • Amalfi
  • Atrani, Reginna Major
  • Reginna minor

Villages such as Scala, Tramonti and Ravello as well as hamlets such as Furore and Conca overlook the beautiful coast.

The coast has seen a fair share of occupation as evidenced by the villas of Positano, Minori and Gallo Lungo. The Romans in particular favored this coast above any other place in the Province of Serlano. The coast became a place of refuge for the people running away from the Gothic Wars that were waged during the Middle Ages.

The Town of Amalfi was founded in the 4th century AD as a Roman Colony. The first written account of the city appears in 596 when it is already a fortified town. The town was able to resist Lombard attacks until 838 when it was pillaged and conquered by Sicardo. The new republic was ruled by a king by a title of Doge. Between 9th and 11th century, the political autonomy given to Amalfi enabled it to become a strong trading power but upon coming under the leadership of Byzantine, it quickly declined.

Amalfi features a distinctive Arab-Siclilian architecture. Below are some of the attractions that you may be interested to see:

  • Torre Saracena at Cetara
  • The Romanesque Cathedral of Amalfi and its 'Cloister of
  • The Church of San Salvatore de' Bireto at Atrani
  • Villa Rufolo

Amalfi is a place you would love to visit. It not only has beautiful architecture but also some beautiful Mediterranean flora such as myrtle, lentisk, euphorbia and boom. The people that dwell here are farmers. You see terraced orchards and vineyards as well livestock such as goats, sheep, buffalo and cattle. The Amalfi coast is a place you do not want to miss for anything.

By Kennedy Runo on 05/19/2015 in Italy

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