Huatulco, Mexico

Huatulco, of more precisely, Bahias de Huatulco, is a development of holiday facilities that were built in the heart of the town of Crucecita. The development is located within the larger coastal State of Oaxaca in Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

Being a touristy district, the development features 9 bays on whose shores the holiday accommodations such as condos, resorts, hotels, economy class hotels ocean front villas as well as Bed& Breakfast motels have been built to accommodate the adventure-seeking tourists.

Among the popular resorts to look out for at the property include Dreams Resort and Spa, Quinta Real Huatulco, Las Brisas among others.

Get ready to be wowed by the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains that flanks Huatulco on one side while on the other the majestic and azure Pacific Ocean sits pretty.

Excluding the huge number of people who visit this holiday destination, Huatulco’s Resident population is just 50,000 people. Planning a tour? Perhaps you should think of Huatulco, a place where you will get a chance to experience the authentic Mexican culture.