Phuket's Best Restaurants

Phuket is an island off the South West coast of Thailand and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. It boasts scenic beaches, a variety of flora and fauna and world beating sauna spas. Perhaps its most amazing attraction is the number of restaurants lined up along the beaches and river fronts that serve as exotic food as they come. Below are a list of these restaurants.

Phuket Floating Restaurants

These restaurants are popular for serving Thai oysters. They are located on Phuket's East Coast and offer the best seafood in Thailand. Among the dishes served here include; fried shrimps with tamarind sauce, stir fried crab with black peppercorns, deep fried soft-shell crab with garlic, hot and sour soup with garupa among others. This restaurant as an amazing variety of fishes including leopard sharks, blow fish, mantis shrimps and moray eels.

Mor Mudong Restaurant

This restaurant is located in Klong, a black swampy place that is about 100 meters from the scenic mangrove swamps off East Phuket. It boasts fan cooled structures called Salas that are made of thatch and leaves. The structures can host groups of 8 diners or just 2 love birds. The most popular dish here is whole fish steamed in salt crust.

Bangpae Seafood

This is by far the most popular eatery in Phuket. It is located near Banpae Waterfall in Thalang. It serves exotic dishes such as Tom Yan Talay, steamed blue club and deep fried tempura shrimp served with stir fried veggies.

Khun Jeed's Rad-Na Yod Pak

This restaurant offers Thai's fast food that is comprised of noodle rice with meat and gravy sauce. You can also enjoy rad-na dish that is served with pork and sea food as well as pork with chicken satays. The restaurant is located along Phang Nga Road.

Phuket tourist circuit is a place of many wonders and each restaurant tries to differentiate its dish from its competitors with exotic dishes. As a tourist, visit different restaurants until you find the one that serves the best dish. In the process, you will get to sample Thai culture through their food. A tour to the Phuket is worth adding to your bucket list.

By Kennedy Runo on 04/20/2015 in Phuket

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