Reasons to consider cruising


1. You get to travel to far off places while packing and unpacking only once...how cool is that?

2. You will get value for money. With Wi-Fi internet, state of the art cabins, onboard entertainment, high-end dining, and hundreds of daily activities, the money you pay for a cruise is heavily discounted.

3. Most cruise ship only dock in dream destinations

4. You have the freedom to engage in the daily activities or sleep throughout or enjoy your favorite novel. Choice is yours.

5. Gone are the days when cruising felt like riding in a slave galleon. You have options, and they are readily available. Cruising is a booming business and service providers are competing for customers.

6. The experience of living in a palace on water is just something you cannot pass over.

7. Cruising gives you a chance to make new friends, see the world and make fond memories.

8. Ground transportation suddenly doesn't seem to matter that much.

9. You get the option of going to the destinations that you only fancy and do things that you love doing.

10. If you have special needs, your travel agent will organize everything for you, including booking the cruise ship that best meets your needs.

The above, and many more reasons you will discover once on board a cruise ship, are the reasons why you should consider cruising.

By Kennedy Runo on 03/03/2015

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