Stay At Jamaica's Best: The Sandals Carlyle Resort

The Sandals Carlyle Resort is a 52-room luxury resort tucked away on the tropical gardens near the Montego Bay's Hip Strip. It retains enchanting charm and impressive amenities despite being the smallest resort among the Sandals group of resorts. It is a cozy and intimate bed & breakfast lodging that oozes traditional Jamaican hospitality, warmth and love for the good things in life.

The resort has made a name for itself through attentive staff, 24-hour complimentary room services and serving breakfast in bed. The mantra with which it operates on is ‘dine and play’. Apparently its small size works to its advantage in ensuring that all the guests’ needs are well taken care of.

Carlyle has two types of accommodations - the Luxury Level Rooms and the Butler Level Rooms. These rooms are further categorized into several groups as follows:

  • Carlyle Oceanview Penthouse Butler Petite Suite
  • Carlyle Oceanview Grande Luxe
  • Carlyle Premium
  • Carlyle Deluxe

Note the rooms are fitted with luxury amenities such as air conditioner, state-of-the-art bathrooms, lavish furnishing and exquisite interior decorations. The butler rooms have the butler service and all the rooms are given the 24-hour in-room service. The penthouse is provided with free Wi-Fi connection.

Guests at the resort has the option of dining in 3 different restaurants. At Bay Window, you will be served with mouthwatering delicacies such as Baby Back Ribs with sweet corn relish served with macaroni and cheese. It is the place to visit for the Caribbean palate.

Another restaurant that is renowned for its fusion of various cuisines is the Carlyle Restaurant. With its Jamaican interior decor and French Cuisine, you are bound to be impressed by the restaurants ability to combine various cuisines and bring out fine tasting delicacies. The restaurant has mastered the art of preparing seafood such as sautéed snapper, shrimp, squid, scallops and mussel the French way.

For grilled food and snacks, perhaps the best place to go will be Nibbles. It is authentically Jamaican in that it serves mostly Jamaican delicacies such as erk Chicken, served with Rice and Peas, and Chicken Patties. You will also be served with Jamaican drinks such as Appleton, Money Mike, Amaretto, Simple Syrup etc.

Recreational activities at this resort will not disappoint. There is all kind of fun activities to engage in for all kind of people. They are divided into several categories as follows:

  • Scuba Diving - If you get your kicks out of doing something dangerous, perhaps you should try scuba diving in the expert scuba diving sports. For those that are not experienced, there are beginner dive spots too.
  • Watersports - You can get your adrenaline on a hyper drive by water surfing, waterskiing, sailing, paddle boarding, snorkeling or riding hydro bikes at the resort's beach waters. Other activities include swimming, kayaking and canoeing.
  • Spa- For those that are looking to relax and unwind, then the spa will be the place to go. The Resorts Red Lane Spa is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment such as treatment rooms, fitness center, steam room, yoga studio, beauty salon and relaxation gardens.
  • Land Sports - The fun activities on land include; sand volleyball, table tennis, board games, shuffle boards, billiards and yard tennis.
  • Fitness Center - After months of eating junk food and living in the office, you are bound to have put on some few bounds. You have a chance to lose them using the elliptical machines, tread mills, exercise bikes and cybex equipment at the fitness center. Actually, you can work on those abs by pumping a few weights in the center. There are aerobics and aqua-fitness classes too for those that are interested.
  • Entertainment - The night scene at this resort is active as the day time activities. You will get entertained in events such as talent shows, karaoke, resident pianist, nightly shows, and GM's welcome party.

Amazingly, this resort is very affordable. If you are looking for a great destination that suits your lean budget, then Carlyle is your best bet in the Caribbean. Sounds fascinating? Contact us and we will get you packing.


By Kennedy Runo on 06/19/2015 in Jamaica

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