Top 10 Rivers For Rafting


1. Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers in Alaska and Canada

Located on the border between the Alaska State of the USA and Canada is these two grand rivers that takes you through glacier boulders and ice-capped landscape.

2. Apurímac River in Peru

This great river will take you through the Peruvian Canyons and scenic rainforest. You can expect a lot of Class III and IV rapids and the occasional Class V.

3. Sun Kosi River in Nepal

Originating from Mt Shishapangma in Tibet through the Himalayas, rafting at this river will be an epic experience. The 273-kilometer stretch from Dolalghat to the take-out at Chatra Gorge is filled with steep valleys, Cass IV rapids and awe inspiring remote mountain Nepalese villages.

4. Magpie River in Ontario, Canada

With the beautiful display of northern lights, miles upon miles of pine forests and category V rapids, Magpie River is in a class of its own.

5. Middle Fork and Salmon River in Idaho

If you thought all of America is developed, you are wrong. Rafting on this river will give you view of beautiful remote America. The entirety of the rafting stretch is completely wild and you will get to see animals and plants that most people think are extinct.

6. River Zambezi in Zambia and Zimbabwe

With category VI rapids such as Washing Machine, the Devil’s Toilet Bowl, Oblivion; rafting in this waters is as treacherous as it is interesting. To add the twist to this adrenaline filled experience is that the river is infested with African crocodiles.

7. Franklin River in Tasmania, Australia

The energy of this river is simply awe-inspiring. You will get to see country side Australia. How would you love to see the rare duck-billed platypus in its habitat? Well, raft at this river and you will get to see several of them.

8. Colorado River in Arizona, USA

With 42 exciting rapids, geological formations that are half a billion years old and Native American ruins, rafting cannot get better than this. It is a holiday experience you cannot afford to miss. Amazingly, the river cuts across the Grand Canyon.

9. Futaleufu River in Chile

This river originates from the glacier fed lakes of Andes of Patagonia. The river has stretches for beginners as well as for the experts with rapids as big as category V. The Alpine vegetation adds to the allure of this river.

10. White Nile in Uganda

How would you love to raft through the uninhabited woodlands and category V rapids in the greatest river of them all? If you get your kicks from danger, perhaps the crocodile infested, rocky and twisted White Nile will present you with your ultimate challenge.

Rafting is a nice experience. Whether you are doing it as a beginner or an expert, the sport never fails to excite those who engage in it.

By Kennedy Runo on 04/23/2015

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