Top 5 Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

Trying to find that perfect honeymoon spot can be frustrating and not to mention, a time waster, especially when there are many options to choose from, and so we offer you our hand-picked few to save you some time and offer you some of the best honeymoon locations with our Top 5 Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations!

  • Anguilla – Perfect for a foodies couple, Anguilla can offer you plenty of food establishments you can explore, and of course a combination of luxurious accommodation, relaxing spas, and divine beaches like the Rendezvous Bay. You can also enjoy a relaxing and romantic cruise while having the best views of Anguilla.


  • The U.S. Virgin Islands – With lots of fun and relaxing activities, you will surely enjoy your time here together with your partner like sailing the seas with luxurious mega-yachts. Having three main islands to explore, St. Thomas, St John and St Croix, it would be like having your honeymoon in 3 different places.


  • Antigua – If you’re looking for that perfect beach, then Antigua is the place to go. With plenty of beautiful beaches for sunbathers and perfect anchorages for sailors, you will surely remember an enjoyable romantic time in Antigua. You will also have the opportunity to Canoodle and go skinny-dipping on serene, secluded beaches.


  • St. Lucia – Lush and unspoiled, you can unwind on the island’s chalky beaches and relax on plenty of luxurious accommodations offered. If you both love nature, and who doesn’t, you can be assured of a fulfilling, romantic time with your partner.


  • Martinique – Stunning beaches, tropical rainforests, and towering cathedrals is what you can expect in Martinique, and it’s just the “Icing on the cake” on a honeymoon vacation in Martinique, with plenty of wonderful boutiques and department stores, you can both shop for your much deserved gift. You will also get to stay on world class resorts like the Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa.

Save yourself and your partner the precious time and even money in looking for that special honeymoon destinations and browse through our Top 5 Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations instead.

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By Blogger008 on 08/13/2013

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