Travel Tips:How to choose a destination for a wedding

They say that even the best laid plans never go through without a hitch. However, proper planning will minimize these hitches to the bare minimum. This is why you should read through this post as you do not want your wedding to become the neighborhood's case study of how things can go wrong in a wedding. Do not allow your wedding to become the new 'hot topic' among your friend's grapevine.

There are three things that you need to consider before you choose a location. Check them out below:

1. Number of Guests

You need to determine the number of guests that will attend your wedding. This ensures that seating arrangement is done precisely and the catering services ensure that the quantity of food is enough for everybody.

2. Religion and culture

This aspect of a wedding becomes a contested issue if the bride and groom come from different races, cultures, countries or religions. If you belong to different religions, then a neutral ground is advised (forget the church, mosque or temple. It is bound to bring a lot of pressure on you).

3. Do you have the time to organize the wedding?

If you do not have the time, are you able to hire professionals to do the wedding planning for you? Do you have a support network of friends and relatives? Having people who can help you with planning and executing some tasks is one way to have the perfect wedding.

After you consider these details, you will have an easy time deciding whether you will have a traditional wedding or a contemporary one, whether it should be a garden wedding or a chapel wedding, whether you will have your wedding at the beach or in the woodlands etc.

Whichever destination you choose, it must have the perfect backdrop. You would want to have your wedding pictures with you for generations to come and show them off to anyone who cares to look. By selecting the perfect destination for your wedding, you will be starting your married life on the right footing...it is always an important reference point when the marriage experiences some problems in future and thus, it should be a happy moment!

By Kennedy Runo on 03/24/2014

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