Travel Tips:Top Honeymooning Destinations

You might be wondering where to go for your honeymoon. If you ask me, I would give you 5 countries to choose from. Those countries are listed below.

1. Fiji

For absolute isolation, there is no better place than Fiji. Half of the Fijian islands are uninhabited. Even those that are inhabited, they are sparsely so. If you are looking to do all kinds of adult naughty things on the beach, only the ancient Fijian gods and the sea will witness. If you want to know how long the two of you can survive together without any other soul around, camp in one of the Fijian islands.

2. Maldives

Maldives is an Indian Ocean country made of 26-atolls and is located on the Laccadive Sea. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It features pristine white sand beaches and Turquoise crystal clear water. It is a beach destination and one of the most favored honeymoon destinations due to its cheap accommodations and beautiful sights. If you cannot have fun in Maldives, then you cannot have it anywhere else.

3. Zanzibar

Another top destination for honeymooners is this East African Island. It features palmed white sand beaches and fine Swahili culinary. If there is one place that you must visit during your honeymoon, it should be this island. The fact that it is within the larger East African tourism circuit that encompasses Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda makes it ideal for both beach and jungle adventure tourism.

4. Rome

If you love gourmet food and ancient roman history, then by all means have your honeymoon at this Italian capital. It is the kind of place you go for a classy dinner, then a classical concert and afterwards walk the beautiful Roman streets.

5. Canada

Who said that a good honey moon can only be spent in the sunny regions of the world? You can also go to the northern hemisphere and enjoy the entrapments of the First Nations people. While at it, make sure their elders say a prayer for your marriage. Trust me; a stay in Canada's Whistler Blackcomb Resort is nothing like you can have anywhere else on the globe.

This is the top honeymoon destinations according to experts. However, you are the one travelling and probably know what best suits the twain of you. What makes you both happy is the best destination!

By Kennedy Runo on 03/24/2014

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