Uncover the History Behind Bermuda

Nay. I am not about to regale you with unconfirmed stories of how the Bermuda Triangle 'sucks in ships to the bottom of the sea' and 'bring down airforce jets'. I would like to tell you a story of the legally known British Overseas Territory - the Bermuda or the Somers Isles.

1503, Spanish sea Captain Juan De Bermudez became the first European to discover the island. The island adapted his surname. Unfortunately, he never docked here fearing to sail in the treacherous reef. Later, other Europeans released pigs that had become feral into the island. By the time a settlement was established in 1609, the pig's population had exploded.

Although Captain Bermudez had claimed the island for Spain, it is the English Virginia Company that permanently set up camp here.

Now if you love shipwreck diving, you will find Bermuda an absolute thrill. It is the sort of place you go for adrenaline pumping treasure hunt diving.

By Kennedy Runo on 01/06/2015 in Bermuda

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