What To Do in San Juan in 36 Hours

San Juan is a captivating place. It has had many visitors who visited and decided to become its citizens. It is as addictive as it is beautiful. There are hundreds of interesting things to do and you will always be hard pressed for time. From hiking, surfing, sunbathing and fine dining to visiting the zoos, high energy clubs, museums, art galleries and night clubs; you will be lucky if you will muster the strength to leave the Island before your 36-hours elapse. There are a few things you can however do in your 36 hour weekend getaway

Visit Castillo San Felipe Del Morro

This is a historical building that was first constructed some 540 years ago. It has seen attacks from the British and the Dutch and seems to have survived them. It was formerly a fortress with a labyrinth of chambers, hallways, attics, barracks verandahs, dining rooms, sleeping quarters and old furniture. It is a place where any history student will always dream of seeing and experiencing.

Enjoy the views at Parque de las Palomas

This is a park that overlooks the harbor and the La Princesa jail. It is a perfect spot to have a picnic, enjoy nature, watch as the sun sets into the oceans yonder and meditate. It is a place where you can shed off the 'cobwebs' of city living and become one with nature.

Enjoy a game at Martí Coll Linera Park

Amazingly, this park has modern facilities for jogging, Tennis, Calisthenics and baseball. You can shed the few pounds you have accumulated on your town lifestyle. While at it, why don't you do one better - plan to have a regular work out regiment every week.

Enjoy good food at Radisson Ambassador Plaza Hotel and Casino.

Whether you take delight in eating Italian gourmet food, French Cuisines or just the American beef burger, the hotel will be at your service. Make sure you sample some new food though. Holidays are about adventure and sampling new food is the best adventure you can have.

Other things you can do in-between the major activities listed above include surfing, shopping and partying late into the night. Make sure you don't miss your flight back though. Okay?


By Kennedy Runo on 04/24/2015 in San Juan

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