Where To Get The Best Oysters In Paris

Of course being the world's romance and fashion capital, Paris, the capital of France, is expected to have classy dining eateries. Below are the top oyster eateries in Paris.

1. Huîtrerie Régis

With a limited space of 25 people but with the best oysters in town, you will need to be a superman to get a nice spot - but whichever the spot you get, it will be worth it. The little eatery specializes in oysters.

2. Le Divellec

If you have never seen the inside of a yacht, then this eatery is a nice place to have the feel. Apart from fresh oysters, the restaurant is popular for its shrimps.

3. Le Duc

Inside this restaurant, you will get a feel of the 70's decor and start wondering why you were not born during that golden generation - but that is until you sample the oysters served at the restaurant. Suddenly, you will realize that being born then or now does not matter because the restaurant's oysters taste as great as they tasted during the golden era.

4. L’Ecailler du Bistrot

From Belon and Utah Beach to Spéciales oysters, this restaurant has carved a niche for itself as being on top of the oyster restaurants in Paris. Many a Parisian will tell you that this should be the first place to eat seafood in the city.

5. Garnier

Overlooking Gare Saint-Lazare, this eatery offers giant platter dishes of oysters. Nay, do not be afraid to order the giant - the dish' taste will make you feel like ordering some more.

6. Le dome

Strategically nestled at the heart of Montparnasse, this restaurant serves the best seafood. It is especially popular among the oyster lovers who feel that whenever they want to replace their oyster with some other seafood dish; they can do so without going to another restaurant.

7. Baron Rouge

This restaurant is one of the two oyster restaurants that you will find in Paris that are not popular with travelers, and when it get too hot inside, you can move to the outdoors with your glass of wine and food. Trust me; if you really want to learn about Paris, avoid restaurants popular with travelers - the locals keep off the restaurants to avoid pesky travelers. You are better off in restaurants such as Baron Rouge.

Once you visit restaurants in the above list, you will start understanding why Paris is the capital of romance and fashion for our 'good old planet'.

By Kennedy Runo on 06/09/2015 in Paris

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