Zenith Nevis

Zenith Nevis is a luxury accommodation development project that has put the Nevis Island on the map of upscale holiday activity. The unpolluted natural beauty, favorable tropical climate, and stable economy have endeared this island to travellers looking for peerless exclusivity and leisure.

Travellers have the option of buying or renting the holiday beach front condos. Should you decide to buy or rent, this is what you will be getting;

  • Open spaces and large verandas
  • Unobstructed views of the sea and the beach
  • Access to the charming, peaceful and gracious Nevisian culture
  • Attention to details and customized design finishes and many more.

Even the most cynical investor will be attracted by this: you stand a chance to become a citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis just by making an investment here. The lands' law has what is dubbed as 'Citizenship by Investment Program'. By buying a property, you become eligible for citizenship.

Zenith Nevis offers its guests what they call effortless service. From maintenance staff to guest services to rental services, you will be happy you chose this destination.

By purchasing or renting a beachfront condo here, you will be able to engage in activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, sunbathing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, surfing, beach volleyball and soccer, romantic seaside dinners and many more.

Interested? Make your request today. You can also view comments about the project on Trip Advisor by clicking here.

By Kennedy Runo on 10/23/2014 in Nevis Island

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