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Travel Tips:Top Honeymooning Destinations

on 03/24/2014
You might be wondering where to go for your honeymoon. If you ask me, I would give you 5 countries to choose from. Those countries are listed below.1. FijiFor absolute isolation, there is no better place than Fiji. Half of the Fijian islands are uninhabited. Even those that are inhabited, they are sparsely so. If you are looking to do all kinds...

The 5 most romantic beaches for weddings abroad

on 01/06/2014
Everybody dreams of a romantic wedding on the shores of a majestic ocean but the realities of modern economics have made realizing the dream a herculean task. This is not to say there are no beautiful beaches to hold your dream weddings on. In fact, beach wedding tourism has catch-on in most of beach-endowed countries. All you need to do...

The Best Honeymoon Destinations

on 12/19/2013
The most important element of planning a honeymoon is figuring out where you want to go. But unfortunately most couples simply choose the first location that comes to mind and it usually isn't a terribly exciting one. So if you have plans to tie the knot, you may want to consider one of the following destinations for your honeymoon.Planning a wedding...